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Looking for that extra something to round out a Steampunk look? A quick, easy, and cheap solution may be a broach you can make for almost nothing. Back to the thrift store!

Type of CraftEdit

  • Jewelry & Accessories

Difficulty LevelEdit

  • Easy

Supplies NeededEdit

  • An old clock -- Thrift stores will generally have one, it needs to be old to make sure the gears are metal.
  • Pin back -- Craft stores normally have these.
  • Screwdriver(s) -- These will vary depending on the clock you are using.
  • Strong glue -- A hot glue gun may work for this, but it hasn't been tested. Otherwise, any strong glue will do, so long as metal is listed as one of it's applications.


  • Disassemble the clock you will be using, and break it down into its basic components. If you've found a clock that's old enough, you will end up with some wonderful metal gears and other interesting pieces.
  • Use these pieces to layout different looks, and decide on the final arrangement - then glue all the pieces together in the configuration you've chosen.
  • Glue this assembly onto the blank pin back.

Simple as that! Now you've got a nice little unique accessory to add a finishing touch to your outfit.

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