Turn folding arms from an antique lounge chair, hangers from old steam trunks and a center leaf to a 50's table into a steampunk style antique folding arms console table. Originally posted to Fernseed.

Step OneEdit

  • Gather materials.
    • Center leaf from a table (or similar shaped piece of wood)
    • Folding arms from an antique lounge chair
    • Hangers from old steam trunks
    • Mounting bolts (optional)
    • Mounting brackets (optional)
    • Paint

Step TwoEdit

  • Turn the arms of the chair into table legs, using the bow part of the hangers as braces.

Step ThreeEdit

  • Mount the table leaf (or wood) onto the legs. May require mounting brackets and bolts.

Step FourEdit

  • Paint it as desired.


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